Manufactured Structures

Frequently Asked Questions

Did you manufacture my home?

No — PFS TECO is an accredited 3rd party plan review and inspection agency. Our label, logo, or data plate on your home indicate the manufacturer of your home contracted with PFS Corporation for their certification needs.

Can you provide more information about my home?

Yes — The PFS, HUD, or State label has an index number that we can use to provide you the information listed on the data plate. Please email with a picture of the label for more information.

Does your label mean you guarantee my home?

No — Our 3rd party program involves working with manufacturers to verify they have an active and effective quality assurance program. The manufacturer is ultimately responsible for the quality of their final product.

Did you inspect every part of my home?

No — The 3rd party certification program for manufactured housing relies on the manufacturer to have a quality assurance program to help them ensure compliance with the applicable codes. The role of the 3rd party is to monitor their quality assurance program by inspecting some part of each unit. A PFS inspector may inspect the floor joists being assembled, the roof being sheathed, or the final finishing being installed. The program monitors multiple units during each inspection as a means to verify the manufacturers quality system is working.